The PORCELANOSA Group firm has launched a new aluminum and mineral-based panel loaded with natural textures and color.

Move over plain walls, Alluslate® is a large format wall covering by KRION® that puts nature front and center.

Formed of two aluminum sheets with a thickness of 4 mm, the wall panels feature tropical motifs, exotic fauna and vibrant colors. Plus, they’re quick to install, lightweight and easy-to-clean. They come in a choice of two finishes: Matt (matt textured with machined, cold-bent crimped texture) and Glazed (a glossy finish with potential for machining), They’ve been designed for use in large residential spaces, hospitality, retail and hotels and furnishings.

What is Alluslate?

As a result of the need to create a durable and creative solution for the most innovative of projects, Krion has developed Alluslate®, a composite wall panel made up of two resistant and malleable outer layers of aluminum, where the upper layer is decorated with advanced printing techniques.

Alluslate can be installed as

  • Tiles for furniture: display counter fronts, book displays, furniture, wardrobes and closets…
  • Equipment and vertical interior walls in restaurants and cafeterias, hotels, bathrooms and residences.

Its composition, made of aluminum and composite, provides great resistance and its surface is decorated using advanced printing techniques that have subsequently been protected by a coating that determines its finish, Matt or Glazed, allowing for the creation of premium quality designs.

Are they large-format tiles?

Yes, in addition to their large-format (1200 x 2600 mm), they are so light that they are easily transported and handled. As such, they can be used to cover large spaces in a short space of time, making them perfect wall tiles to be installed for a quick change of decoration in commercial or residential areas where work needs to be carried out quickly and cleanly.

The best of Alluslate

It’s light and easy to install: Alluslate composite and technical aluminum panels, despite their large format, are incredibly light and resistant. They have an excellent surface area/weight ratio of 6.7 kg/m2 (approx.), which allows them to be handled by a single person, facilitating their transportation and installation.

Thanks to their stability, low weight and large surface coverage, their installation is quick, simple, noise-free and dust-free. In addition, it is not necessary to remove the previous material as they can be installed on top of the vast majority of materials.

Resistant to moisture and water:

The panels are covered by a technical protective layer that surrounds the decoration, protecting them from damage. Alluslate®, whether Matt or Glazed, does not absorb liquid, so it can be installed in splash areas such as shower walls or behind sinks.

Easy cleaning:

Thanks to the final treatment on their surface, these panels are highly resistant to dirt, preventing stains from penetrating their deeper layers and affecting the design. Basic tools such as microfibre cloths, soapy water or concentrated soap are recommended for maintenance and cleaning.

High-definition designs:

Alluslate® models are exclusive as their designs have been developed by our Design Department as though they were handcrafted. Each of these drawings is put through a high-quality digitisation process in order to, at a later date, decorate the panels using advanced digital printing techniques.

These procedures provide clear contrasting images with vivid colours, offering exceptional resolution and quality.

Fire resistance:

The composition is based on aluminum and the core of the panel is composed of a low-density thermoplastic polymer (LDPE) with a flame retardant mineral charge. All of this results in a material with innovative properties to protect against fire.

Versatility of Alluslate® designs

Alluslate® can be used to create continuous, infinite designs by placing the pieces successively, both horizontally and vertically, so that the panel motifs coincide in all directions. Some of its models with these characteristics are:

  • Capricce: Taking inspiration from the exotic, Capricce Nocce (with a beige background) and Nero (black background) have artistic and eye-catching natural motifs in which birds, flowers and cheerful colours come together to create different atmospheres and immerse your space in the depths of nature.
  • Amazonic: The leaves of the Amazon rainforest are the protagonists of this design, which conveys freshness and dynamism. Greenery can be present in your space without the need for further decoration.
  • Nostalgia: A series with a vintage touch that stands out due to the delicacy and elegance of its pastel tones and floral motifs and is used to create soft spaces full of feeling.

    These large-format tiles also have models that are designed to create horizontal continuity by placing the panels successively and in the correct order.

  • Bericcio: At first sight, it is really difficult to differentiate the design of Bericcio from natural stone. Its design faithfully reproduces the textures, colours and details of oriental marble. The result is an elegant and luxurious space.

  • Calacatta: Reminiscent of the classic Calacatta marble, this design integrates purplish veins to create sophisticated and truly memorable spaces.

  • Forest: Inspired by the green marble of India, this design takes over the space, filling it with natural nuances and textures.

If you are looking for a more random design, with freestyle decoration and no continuous graphic development through the different pieces, Alluslate® offers these models that can be installed in a random fashion:

  • Peak: Every detail of authentic stone is reflected in the Peak collection. Its delicate veins, earthy tones and attention to detail will shape the environment where this collection is installed.

Alluslate is coming soon to Fontile, keep and eye in our social media for more information about it soon.

Text: Krion