Our house is our haven and, within it, the bathroom is one of the most special and intimate areas. So, if you’re looking for ideas to renovate the bathroom and make it a modern relaxing space, take a look at these suggestions.

Having a beautiful, modern bathroom, where you can relax after a long day’s work is indispensable if your house is to be a real home. So, carrying out some small renovations every 10 or 15 years is almost essential. 

Here are some ideas for renovating your bathroom and making it your favorite area.

Aspects to consider when renovating a bathroom, so it keeps its style over time

If you’re interested in decoration and finding ideas for renovating your bathroom, there are various key points that will help you. Taking these 7 points into account, you can create a space that is not only beautiful, but also functional and long-lasting. You can apply them all without the need for building work or keep it to the minimum.

1. Quality fittings: A key factor if they are to last a lifetime

Quality doesn’t date, neither does your bathroom. If you choose a resistant, durable washbasin unit in a timeless style, you’ll have a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.

Choose a model that meets your storage needs and whose design never goes out of fashion, such as Krion‘s Smart and Nest models. These options won’t only add style to the bathroom, but also durability and practicality.

The new models in the SPIRIT series by Krion Shell® are another option with great possibilities. They are remarkably versatile, as they are compatible with the countertops in the NER, Smart, One, Natural and Kole collections. They are available in different sizes to suit spaces of all kinds.

If you need to increase storage space, another idea to renovate the bathroom without building work is to opt for the NER column, whose straight lines will blend in perfectly. Its minimalist, visually clean style will add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom, while making it more functional.

2. Aluminum decorative panels, resistance with a touch of personality

Adding this refreshing cladding to the bathroom walls will give it a stylish, modern touch. And, as this is a wet environment, it’s best to choose resistant claddings, such as Alluslate® decorative panels, which have technical properties that make them ideal for this type of setting.

Not only are they much more resistant than wallpaper, they’re also easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, if you’re looking for ideas to renovate the bathroom without building work, these panels are the ideal option for you, as their installation is simple, clean and quick.

However demanding you are with regard to design and originality, Alluslate® can provide the solution. It offers a wide variety of designs, which will allow you to give your bathroom a unique look.

3. Minimalism and modernity: A shower screen with a special touch

If you haven’t installed a shower screen yet, now is the time to consider one and say goodbye to those old, unhygienic shower curtains. And, if you already have a shower screen, an original way of modernizing the bathroom is to install a new glass shower screen with black profiles, such as the Java model by Krion; or one with finishes in white, titanium, gold or copper from the S + Line collection.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give your bathroom the touch of minimalism, modernity and authenticity that an item like this can bring.

→ If you want to keep the screen looking as good as the first day, take a look at this: The definitive guide to cleaning your shower screen.

4. Mirrors, perfect for adding brightness and a sense of spaciousness

The bathroom is the place where we smarten up, so we need to see ourselves as clearly as possible, which is why the mirror is an essential element.

Today, models that incorporate LED lighting are very popular in bathroom renovations. They provide extra light, making it much easier to see yourself in them.

And, whether you’re going to renovate a small bathroom or a large one, the sensation of spaciousness is a plus. Mirrors have the power to add a feeling of depth that can create the perfect atmosphere.

5. Connecting rooms: Making the most of every corner

Do you have an ensuite bathroom? If so, don’t discount joining the two areas and making them one. The fusion of bathroom and bedroom produces a sense of freedom that can be very attractive.

Opening them up requires a large area, as we’ll need enough space to install all the fittings after removing the wall. However, the spaciousness and luminosity that the open concept brings to the bathroom and bedroom is well worth it.

6. Sustainable fittings for an eco-friendly bathroom

In a world where trends in design and construction increasingly gravitate towards sustainability, the bathroom couldn’t be different. One of the ways to achieve this is to choose smart devices that help you save on utilities.

Choosing eco-friendly materials to install in your bathroom is also a way of making this space more sustainable. A material as resistant as Krion Shell®, which contains a minimum of 5% recycled material in its composition, is an ideal choice.

→ For more information: KRION Shell®: eco countertops for an eco-friendly bathroom.

7. Bathtubs that become havens

The bathtub can be the icing on the cake in your bathroom renovation: as intimate as it is relaxing, it can turn your bathroom into an authentic spa. A smooth, warm bathtub, made in Krion® Solid Surface, adds personality to the bathroom, making it your favorite space in the house.

Before we finish:

Tips like installing a bathtub, opting for sustainability or the open concept, putting up a mirror with lights, renewing your shower screen, giving your walls a unique touch with decorative panels or increasing storage space with adaptable solutions will help you design the haven of your dreams.

These are just some of the ideas for renovating the bathroom without building work and achieving superb results. Explore new horizons, give your creativity free rein and make your top projects a reality.

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Text: Krion