Less is more: the key to minimalism in any corner of the home, including the bathroom.

Minimalist bathrooms advocate the purity of spaces and functionality, prioritizing simplicity and avoiding any ornamental elements that are unnecessary or superfluous.

In this article, we propose 6 ideas to inspire you to decorate your bathroom in the purest minimalist style.

1. The importance of a good bathroom vanity for minimalism

A minimalist bathroom vanity is one of the most important elements in these spaces, and it needs to be as simple as it is sophisticated.

Interior designers and decorators choose solutions as varied as Krion’s One and Smart models. The suspended design means the bathroom vanity takes up much less space and makes cleaning much easier.

The modern, refined lines of this type of bathroom vanity also let you choose between different finishes and colors, without abandoning minimalism. Thanks to the variety of models available that fit this style, decorating a minimalist bathroom is no longer a challenge.

2. Clear space: floor-level shower trays

Another crucial element in the decoration of a modern minimalist bathroom is the choice of shower tray. Floor-level shower trays are the most minimal option as they prevent visual interruptions in the bathroom.

If you choose a shower tray that is similar in colour to the bathroom floor, you can maintain complete continuity as it is on the same level.

3. Transparent glass shower screens to let light pass through

Following the same principle that makes floor-level shower trays a good choice, transparent glass shower screens are also the perfect choice when it comes to designing a minimalist bathroom.

In addition, if it is a small minimalist bathroom, a glass shower screen will increase the feeling of spaciousness as it does not create visual barriers in the bathroom.

4. Decorative panels to give a touch of glamour

A minimalist bathroom doesn’t have to be bland, without personality. You can give the bathroom a very special touch of glamour if you incorporate decorative panels.

A white-lined bathroom in a natural style can be a great place for a decorative panel with Amazonian leaves; and in the more restrained, elegant bathrooms, a marble-imitation panel can be the best option while keeping a minimalist air.

Alluslate® is a large-format aluminum decorative panel with a wide variety of designs and styles. The fact that it is cladding that does not absorb liquids and is easy to clean makes it ideal for the bathroom.

5. Large mirrors to serve as a vanishing point

Large mirrors have a considerable capacity to visually expand spaces by creating a vanishing point. With minimalism, the frame no longer takes first place and gives way to the shape of the mirror and the lighting. So when you put up a mirror in your minimalist bathroom, take great care of the lighting to create a pleasant, harmonious environment.

6. A natural touch with plants

Plants have become an essential ingredient in minimalist bathrooms. In this case, it is important to choose the right plants because of the humidity.

Bamboo, pothos and peace lilies are three examples of plants that thrive in environments with high humidity.

Plants not only provide that touch of colour that is so important in minimalist bathrooms, especially when you have chosen white as the link between the elements. The naturalness they provide also makes the space much more pleasant. To avoid breaking the minimalism, remember the importance of choosing the pot well.

We love minimalist bathrooms. This elegant, simple style maximizes the visual cleanliness of the bathroom, essential for this important part of the home.

Text: Krion

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