Choosing interior designers for a home decorating project can help Vancouver property owners significantly enhance the appeal of their living spaces. Interior designers have experience in harnessing a range of mediums to build the ideal atmosphere within family homes, and their service can be invaluable. To make sure that homeowners achieve full value for money on their service, the team at Vancouver-based Fontile Kitchen & Bath is now presenting four keys to working successfully with interior designers.

  1. Plan the Project Ahead of Time

An interior design project is a long-term commitment. It requires homeowners to carefully consider all elements, such as budget and design trends to ensure they make the right choices for their home space. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead of time and to connect with Vancouver interior designers that have significant experience planning a successful project. As part of the planning process, homeowners should visit interior design showrooms and make a list of elements they like and don’t like.

  1. Meet with Interior Designers Several Times

Before allowing the interior design team to begin work on the property, homeowners should meet with the design team several times. The design team should know the expectations for each room and the homeowner’s favoured materials for each part of the space. For example, they should know if the homeowner prefers carpeting to tile or wants an open concept space in the living room versus a cozier atmosphere.

  1. Set a Strict Budget

The budget for an interior design project can quickly be spent if the homeowner isn’t clear on the elements they like and the amount of money they have available to achieve their ideal design aesthetic. Without a clear and strict budget, homeowners can spend thousands of dollars more than they had originally intended, leaving them out of pocket when they require future renovations. Work with the interior designers to consider the cost of all desired elements and then set a strict budget based on financial limitations.

  1. Choose a Timeline

The timeline for the project should be clear to all stakeholders from the beginning. Homeowners should find out exactly how long the interior design work is expected to take, and then get a guarantee from the company clarifying this time line. This can help ensure the home is ready for the arrival of guests within a consolidated timeframe.

By following the guidance within this article, homeowners can maximize their return on investment in interior design services and ensure their home reaches its peak aesthetic and functional potential. To discover more on how to work with an interior design team, call the experts at Fontile Kitchen & Bath directly at (604) 683-9358 or visit their business website via