Vancouver, BC-based wholesale floor tile experts, Fontile Kitchen & Bath are now inviting designers, architects and contractors to review the latest options in their company catalogue. Included within their summer 2016 catalogue are unique styles such as the Alaska porcelain tile, as well as their Essenze porcelain stoneware product. It’s the complete selection property owners expect of one of the market’s leading wholesalers.

Within the modern marketplace, home construction professionals are continually seeking out the newest tile options to impress their clients. But this presents a challenge for those with only access to the retail market, because oftentimes retail companies struggle to meet the needs of each individual homebuyer. It’s the reason why businesses are increasingly turning to wholesale companies such as Fontile Kitchen & Bath in Vancouver for the latest floor tile products at reduced pricing.

Fontile Kitchen & Bath has become one of the foremost tile wholesalers across Vancouver and Western Canada by offering a comprehensive selection unparalleled throughout the marketplace. It’s a selection that includes the leading floor tile options such as the Alaska floor tile product. Alaska is a style of porcelain tile originating in Italy that features a matte surface and superior chemical resistance. Alaska is also ideal for busy family spaces as it feature high level stain resistance for lasting durability.

It’s just one of the many examples of floor tiles that are now available at reduced wholesale pricing through the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath. To learn more, contact the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath directly at (604) 683-9358 or visit their business website at