By working with trusted local tile stores, Vancouver homeowners can transform their living environment and create a space that reflects their aesthetic tastes. Because of the large difference in quality between the various tile options on the marketplace, it’s important for local homeowners to ensure they work with a partner that has garnered respect across the marketplace. It’s part of the reason behind Fontile Kitchen & Bath’s leading-class reputation across the tile supply industry. In this latest article, their team highlights three business elements that separate Fontile Kitchen & Bath from other Vancouver tile stores.

  • Their Experience

Few companies within the Vancouver marketplace can match the experience offered by Fontile Kitchen & Bath. Their team has over 60 years of background experience within the industry and this means they’re able to track the latest trends and support homeowners with the highest quality products from the market’s leading manufacturers. Another leading advantage their experience brings is it ensures their team can respond to any client questions with clear marketplace guidance. There is no tiling challenge that the Fontile Kitchen & Bath team cannot solve using their collective knowledge. Don’t lay the tile and hope it all looks good in the end, utilize the design team at Fontile.

  • Their Abundant Catalogue

When selecting tiles for their home, property owners must begin their search by reviewing as many options as possible to analyze all the available options. While working with the team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath, homeowners will have access to a comprehensive selection of high quality tile products. Their selection includes the leading natural stone tiles for a traditionally decorated home, as well the newest stain resistant products to assure high level performance within family properties. Their comprehensive product selection puts Fontile Kitchen & Bath within a leading position across the market for tile choice.

  • Their Clearance Options

One of the most challenging elements for many Vancouver homeowners trying to find quality tile products is locating stores with a large selection of clearance products. The team at Fontile Kitchen & Bath recognize the modern homeowner’s requirements for tiling products suited to their budgetary parameters and offers a wide selection of clearance items in the downstairs showroom called the “The Outlet Store”, which is quality end of line products and clearance items.

The Fontile Kitchen & Bath team is available now to answer any questions concerning their tile selection. To learn more about the company and their product line, call their office today at (604) 630-4377 or visit their business website at